Fluffy Slippers in Natural

Kendall Watt
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Our Fluffy Slides are the perfect partner to your getting ready outfit! With the fluffy feathered upper they add a bit of fun and a luxe element to a pair of slides. Featuring a rubberised sole to avoid and slips and trips.

Sole varies slightly from the one pictured.

We recommend going 1 x size up from your normal size if you have a wider foot as the straps are a snug fit. e.g If you are a size 39 we recommend selecting a size 40.

The straps are meant to fit snug on your first few wears to allow for a small amount of give.

All feathers are delicate and require gentle care. Feathers must not be worn in wet or muddy conditions. Do not pull, rub or flatten feathers as this will cause breakages. Do 
not leave in direct sunlight as this may cause fading. Gently shake to remove any dust and to restore them back to their natural fluffiness.

Size :
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