Face Mask - Black/Cream Floral

Kendall Watt
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 Non-medical, reusable cloth face mask

- Elastic ear hooks

- Made out of fabric offcuts from previous collections

- 100% Washed Cotton

- All face masks are triple layered.

- Made in Auckland, New Zealand

- Masks will be dispatched the next day after order is placed

No returns or exchanges on facemasks. Gentle machine wash in hot water after daily use and hang to dry or warm tumble dry. Iron if necessary. Final photos shows what it is like when worn.

Please note, a mask alone cannot provide total protection from COVID-19, it is just one tool among many that can be used to help protect yourself, such as regular hand washing, and social distancing. These masks are not a substitute for N95 m asks, respirators or medical devices. This face mask is a consumer product and has been made for personal use. These masks are not PPE certified, or approved by government authorities.

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