Ashley & Co. Travel Kit

Ashley & Co.
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Ashley and Co. Travel Kit includes everything you may need to get ready for the big day if you are staying over the night before!

  • Wash Locks Shampoo - Golden tresses, or not! Wash Locks Balanced Shampoo is suitable for all hair types. A natural formulation, that’s gentle on your hair and the environment. Packed with Essential Oils and Pro Vitamin B5 to promote moisture balance. Cleanse to re-tress and remove traces of dirt, oil and product build up.
  • Soft Locks Conditioner - Golden tresses, or not! Soft Locks Balanced Conditioner is suitable for all hair types. Essential Oils, Ginseng and Pro Vitamin B5 assist to promote moisture balance. Smooth and restore lustre and life to parched less exuberant locks.
  • Lip Punch Lip Balm - Get lippy to protect and nourish dry, chapped lips. A rich buttery balm with natural beeswax, arnica and essential oils. Keep your guard up.―15ml100% Ecocert Approved Natural Parfum.
  • Wash up Hand and Body Wash - Wash up for your hands & body smoothly removes surface and daily impurities without depleting your skin’s natural moisture. Get the ultimate cleansing experience with our unique rhapsody blend of Organic Borage Oil, Olive Leaf and Aloe.Soothe Up Moisturiser -
  • Washed up and need nourishment? Forged is a natural and unique rhapsody blend of Organic Borage Oil, Olive Leaf, Shea Butter and Vitamin E. Use Sootherup Gone Green to nourish, soften & restore giving you healthy looking skin... it’s like bottled comfort for your hands & body. 
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    Ashley & Co. Travel Kit
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